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Mauril’s Journal, Part 6

   Posted by: Mauril    in Campaign Logs, Fantasy, Pathfinder, RPG

My entry this day will by necessity be brief.  I have joined one of my companions and what can only be described as a horde of refugees into Ehrenland.  I had heard much of this place  - thought not much recently - and had long looked forward to visiting.  I had, some time ago, learned their curious alphabet and their dialect.  There is much to say in regards to this place and its interesting people but much of that can be found in other texts so I shall not waste ink here.  I feel compelled to relate the events that preceded my arrival in Doomsbridge.

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Here at DireKraken, we represent a selection of D&D players that have chosen not to play 4th Edition.  We have a fairly good spectrum of opinions about it, ranging from ‘acceptable alternative system’ to ‘like the mechanics, hate the flavor’, or outright ‘dislike, destroy on sight’.  So, to me, this interview (and part 2) from The Escapist about the real motivations behind 4th Edition clarified the major reason — we’re apparently not in the target audience.

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Times are tough, there’s a lot of people out there looking for work.  Even those of us with skills and abilities that are capable of great feats are barely getting by.  So, I thought I would show you this great character sheet-inspired resume I found on Hongkait.

Finally, all you job hunters out there can quantify your ranks in ‘rope use’ or ‘disable device’, and brag about your +10 to hit with a keyboard.

So, roll up some confidence and get out there and slay an interview or two!  Any experience points are good experience points.