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Bygone Bureau plays D&D

   Posted by: Avaril    in Uncategorized

I happened unto Bygone Bureau on my way about the net, and read their accounts of diving into D&D headfirst.  They seem to be having a good time at it.  I’m not sure if they’re playing D&D, or ironically playing D&D, but their game doesn’t seem that much different than our weekly game.  It’s full of ridiculousness, trash talking, and one-liners.  They just seem to argue about rules less.

Here’s parts one, two, three, and four.


Mauril’s Journal, Entry 7

   Posted by: Mauril    in Campaign Logs, Fantasy, Pathfinder, RPG

After my time with Den in Doomsbridge had come to a close, I returned to the nation of Spaartha.  I had some business in the libraries at Salynndra.  My friends had been summoned to the city on other business and they tell me that they had something of an experience there.  I have arrived now in Eregant, and ancient island city with a history both rich and dark.  The city seems to suit me quite well.  Before I chartered my ship to this island, I had spent some time with the druids in Mastillan.

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A look at the DnD Economy

   Posted by: Mauril    in Fantasy, Generally Geeky, Pathfinder, RPG

So, because I have nothing better to do with my time, apparently, I decided to take a look at the various skills in DnD that allow a character to make money: craft, profession and perform. Ignoring magical crafting, I decided to figure out what the average wages of the various professions are.

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