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Hero Lab for Pathfinder

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For those of you unaware, there is a company called Lone Wolf and they make a wonderful little program called Hero Lab. Hero Lab was recently named the official (but not exclusive) character builder by Paizo for Pathfinder. I purchased this program several months ago and am absolutely in love with it. The only drawback (which doesn’t affect me as a Windows user) is that it is currently not available as a native program for the Mac or any other OS. However, they have recently released a statement saying that by the end of the year, they will have it available for Mac and by early next year it should be available for the iPad. Read the rest of this entry »

We had a discussion last night after our gaming session.  I have recently purchased the Pathfinder-compatible mass-combat system called Warpath and Wolfgod and I are in the process of building the armies for each of the nations in our world.  One of our nations is a very druidic nation. (If you read my campaign journal, it’s the country Mauril just visited, Mastillan.)  As one would expect, Wolfgod and I were trying to work out how we were going to include druids into that army.

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We suspended the Grand Campaign for an evening to playtest Paizo’s new Advanced Player’s Guide classes.  An evening of chaos and mayhem followed.
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The Apple iPad’s place in gaming

   Posted by: Avaril

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of days, you probably heard that Apple is going to release a new tablet computer, called the iPad So, I began to think what advantages it may have over any given netbook or laptop.  Now, I don’t want to turn this into a melee over if it’s “better” or “worse” than a netbook; you could find that discussion already on a number of other websites.  What I want to explore is what advantages it may have for the gaming table.

Computing at the gaming table is nothing new, due to the prevalence of laptops and smartphones.  However, the first is obtrusive and obstructive, and the second is often too small to read.

So, that leaves an opening for the iPad.  It seems that it would be large enough to be readable, without standing between the players like a laptop does.  The first obvious solutions are digital versions of game books, and dice rolling apps.  But, I think there’s more options here.

With the size of screen on the iPad, and the coming herd of iPad-specific apps, I think there are other options as well.  There could very easily be a tool with everything needed by a DM — initiative tracker, dice roller, reference books, etc.  There could even be a game board app for very close quarters combat.  Zoomable maps are another possibility, since we consistently reference maps of our game world as we play.  If tablet computers became common enough, everyone could have quick access to their rulebooks in the same app that contains their character sheet.  This would greatly clean up the gaming table.

While it may replace books and character sheets, I think that people still prefer the physicality of dice and miniatures, so it can’t replace everything.  But, I do definitely see the advantanges.

What do you think?  Will tablet computers help or hinder the gaming process?  What features would the ultimate gaming app include?  Tell us in the comments!

We run into the occasional problem with one character being utterly hopeless in a group skill everyone else can do.  Say for example the party needs to sneak somewhere, but the Cleric has no stealth at all.  We can’t very well leave him …

We’ve tried several mechanisms to work around this issue - mass Aid Another works, but it feels cheesy - six people are crowded around one guy, helping him be quiet?  It feels wrong even if it’s legal.  Having only one character Aid Another feels more reasonable, but it’s also kind of weak sauce at high levels … oh, boy, a +2.  The guy listening for us has a +18 Perception …

After some discussion, we came up with a possible House Rule - Aid Another on Skill Checks might confer a scaled bonus based on the margin of success.  For example, a Rogue Aids the Cleric on his Stealth check.  Normally this would be a DC 10 for a +2.  Perhaps for every 5 ranks of success, we get another +1?  So the low-level Rogue rolls a 21, and grants a +4 Stealth.  If the same Cleric was being aided by a 19th level Ranger with some Skill Focus, he could reasonably roll say a 38, which would confer a +7 … after all, he knows a lot more about sneaking than the low level Rogue.

It’s a thought at least, and something that might make Aid Another seem like a good investment of an action even at high levels.


Mounts in Pathfinder

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Lately we’ve been looking into using a lot of different mounts in Pathfinder, and run into some interesting questions.

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