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Bygone Bureau plays D&D

   Posted by: Avaril

I happened unto Bygone Bureau on my way about the net, and read their accounts of diving into D&D headfirst.  They seem to be having a good time at it.  I’m not sure if they’re playing D&D, or ironically playing D&D, but their game doesn’t seem that much different than our weekly game.  It’s full of ridiculousness, trash talking, and one-liners.  They just seem to argue about rules less.

Here’s parts one, two, three, and four.


Pardon our Dust

   Posted by: Avaril Tags: , ,

We’re trying to get this thing off the ground, so bear with us while we fiddle with the themes, add authors, and such.  But feel free to go ahead and get all googly-eyed in love with us, our content will be here.