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City Designer 3 Released

   Posted by: Avaril   in RPG

On el blogo de Simon J. Rogers, it appears that City Designer 3 has been released.  According to his blog, you can make miraculous and beautiful maps of your favorite in-game city.  The example shots show a city that he claims was built in four hours.  With shading and everything.

So, I guess that means that those of us who have been using sticks and dirt to plot our cities are even that much more behind the times.

No, seriously:  This thing makes friggin’ great looking city maps.  It’s on my want list now.  The major drawback that I could see was that there is not a Mac version.  My Powerbook is not dual-boot capable, but when I finally upgrade, I will be getting this program.

This purchase could cause a whole new dynamic in our group, where we no longer have to blackmail our map-maker to get things done.  We can finally free him from his tiny cubby hole under the stairs, where he has been subsiding on dry ramen, and wearing Kleenex boxes on his feet.  Those people at ProFantasy Softare are humanitarians, I tell ya.

City Designer 3

ProFantasy Software


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Definetly want. Drawing cities takes forever.

September 20th, 2008 at 8:55 am

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