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Mauril’s Journal, Entry 2

   Posted by: Mauril   in Campaign Logs, Fantasy, RPG

It seems like it has been ages since I have been able to return to my books. I was loath to abandon them, but it seems that I was not fashioned for the life of an adventurer. I have found for myself a temporary respite in this subterranean library. It feels more comfortable than anything I have known since fleeing to Firforge.

Much has happened since my last entry. More than I believed possible for one such as myself to live through. It started not moments after setting down this journal the last time. The group had all chosen to introduce themselves and some attempted to guile the barmaids into lessening themselves when a small human child burst through the door in a swirl of snow and biting wind. He said that his caravan was lost in the blizzard and they needed help. One by one all the rest gathered their armor, weapons and sundry other adventuring items. I had no desire to join them as I was naught more than a scribe, since my powers were largely untested.

I still don’t fully understand what possessed me to join them, but I followed them out into the snow. We trudged for hours through the chest deep snow searching for the caravan. We found them and wolves. I do not like wolves, or anything with fangs and claws for that matter.

I cannot say that it was a simple endeavor to save the two men we found from the wolves. The swordsmen were barely the match of the beasts and were it not for the other divine persons invoking the powers divine to save them. That night was the first time I had ever cast a spell under duress. I have to admit (though I would never to my companions) that it was exhilarating. The surge of adrenaline and deific power was incredible. The others seemed to not be phased by the combat as they almost gleefully charged in to face the beasts. Even the tiny bard leapt in with his rapier.

We saved the caravan, who turned out to be an Aruthien diplomat on his way to Barloz. We were able to escort him back to the inn and I went to my room to ponder the preceding events. I had invoked the divine without prayer and I had looked into the inner workings of the wolves and understood them. I understood them so well that my companions were better able to fight them. I meditated for hours before the others turned in.

I was woken with a start to shouts from down the halls. I stumbled from my bed to see the emissary’s room engulfed in flames. Some of the more foolhardy fellows charged through the door to attack an abyssal hound. It was quickly dispatched and with equal rapidity they discovered that the diplomat had also been dispatched. They rescued the diplomatic missives and a golden orb. I since discovered the purpose of this device. It contains the truename of the dismissed hell hound.

The bard had raced downstairs and by the time we came to him he had been nearly eviscerated by what we surmised to be the two barmaids he had been soliciting the night before. The one who had introduced himself as Alder charged after the tracks lefts by the women while myself and others searched the room for clues. They were in disguise and were, to our understanding, not of any humanoid type of which we were aware.

My curiosity overcame my good sense and I have followed these ruffians to Tantathia. Curiosity as to who these women were and how they had come into possession of the truename of the demonic dog; moreso I was curious as to what I was now capable. What new powers would I discover? What new doom could I bring upon myself? Time will only tell. For now, I rest in an inn waiting for morning where I will teleport to Queen’s Landing to continue our pursuit of these women.


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