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Mauril’s Journal, Part 4

   Posted by: Mauril   in Campaign Logs, Fantasy, RPG

As I sit in the grey dungeon that has become my home over the past several weeks, I have come to two conclusions.  The first is that this power that I have fated upon is dark and treacherous and it has no business being in the hands of any mortal.  This is the very power of the gods, unrestrained.  I have stared into the face of the divine and walked away with its glow and its stench.  I am unfit to know such things, to be who I am.

The second conclusion that my time in these dank walls has brought me to is that I want more of it.  There is nothing in this world, or any other, that I could possibly desire more than the knowledge contained within this book I carry with me.  But first, I must recount my journey to this point.

After escaping the seige, I spent my days studying in Newholm.  I had desired to study the exclusive knowledges contained within the libraries there as well as testing the abilities I had unlocked.  Even the simplest casting of a spell brought chills to my spine.  When I received word from Holly that my help was needed, I jumped at the chance.  My life had changed much over the year since my exodus from Firforge.

I joined my companions not far from the Spaarthan city of Salynndra.  They too had been informed of disturbances in the area and had come to investigate.  When informed that Holly needed help, we agreed to enter the city and begin a search.  Her message was vague, but word in the city lead us to believe that the increased pirate activity was likely linked.  There is, for those who do not know, a great diviners’ college near Salynndra.  We decided that our best option was to seek clues there.

We sat down with a young acolyte who gave us very little useful information.  That is, until we returned to out inn to discover a note which indicated that things were not as they seemed in the school of seers.  We returned and were able to surmise that Holly was captured there along with several other wizards, while the sorcerers who inhabit the college had been kidnapped and taken elsewhere.

After some brief action which had blood coursing through my veins, we subdued the captors and freed the wizards.  We then went out to discover that the source of the increased pirate activity and the capture of the sorcerers was in a lake in the Tantathian March.  This had us all very puzzled but we agreed that something needed to be done.  So we messaged various authorities of the incident and set out to Lake Fum to follow the intriguing leads we had.

After many days at sea, we arrived in Tir Arnoth and immediately started our journey southeast to the lake.  On the road we stumbled upon a house that we determined should not be there.  We entered to find a man who claimed to be the Fire King, something of an elemental prince or guardinal.  To this day, I am still not sure who or what he was but he knew things about me that he should not have known, which made me more than uncomfortable.  He also entrusted me with mineral nugget deeply steeped in layers of magic.  He said it would right the wrongs of the past.  What wrongs, he did not specify.

I didn’t, and on some levels still don’t, trust him but I took the stone and we journeyed on towards the lake.  Long ago, this lake had been a mountain but catastrophic events not only destroyed the mountain but created a crater that became the lake.  The creature who had called himself the Fire King had said that taking the stone to the right spot in the lake would make things right again.

We set camp that night only to find a group of zombies marching into the lake.  This had me curious and I, with the protection of Alder, went to investigate.  In our absence, Holly - who had all this time been an impostor - escaped with the stone.  We did not discover this until it was too late and no trace of her could be found.  We did, however, find more zombies and the real Holly.  We liberated her and a few more wizards and made our way to the center of the lake.  We knew that the impostor planned to use the stone and we believed it to only work in one place.

We arrive to find her ritual almost complete.  Through the effort of the warriors, she was stopped and the stone recovered.  Most of the wards had been removed from it.  We had surmised that the stone would bring back the lost mountain.  It appeared that the false Flen had planned to do that very thing.  Having stripped the wards, doing so would have immediately bring back the lost mountain, emptying the lake into the surrounding plain, downing or crushing everything for miles.  Also, it would immediately kill us, should we have chosen to activate it.

Rath agreed to ferry the stone back to its creator to see if it could be repaired.  He returned to tell us that it would take a year to fix the magicks but that the crisis involving the other plane was over for now.  There was little more that we could do, so we parted ways.

I decided to come here, to Perdaith, to continue my studies and my experiments.  My studies had gone well but I believe my experiments have only increased my addiction to the knowledge that burns through my limbs with each spell I cast.  As I said in my first entries, I believe that this power will be my eventual downfall.  Now I also believe that I will find that downfall out of my own lust for the energy that both danger and this magic brings me.  I believe, much to my chagrin, that I have become a true adventurer.


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