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Mauril’s Journal, Part 6

   Posted by: Mauril   in Campaign Logs, Fantasy, Pathfinder, RPG

My entry this day will by necessity be brief.  I have joined one of my companions and what can only be described as a horde of refugees into Ehrenland.  I had heard much of this place  - thought not much recently - and had long looked forward to visiting.  I had, some time ago, learned their curious alphabet and their dialect.  There is much to say in regards to this place and its interesting people but much of that can be found in other texts so I shall not waste ink here.  I feel compelled to relate the events that preceded my arrival in Doomsbridge.

The Royalty of Aruthien by way of the ranger Rath had asked us to sail south to Caliban to help the Queen Lysa and her people who were fleeing the army of Manath.  The call went out and we collected ourselves for our venture towards the Veil.

We arrive in Port Last as several of the refugee ships were beginning to unload.  It seems that King Resolute and his army had stayed back in order to buy his people the time to escape.  His valor had cost him and his men their lives, but it did allow his people to board their ships.  We had not been in port more than an hour when the Queen requested our special aid.  It seems that their fool king had ridden into battle with an ancient artifact and that this item needed to be returned to the queen as soon as possible.

Alder, and Aligendelite noble, agreed to the task - as did Athelas, Braden and the wizardess Holly - out of some noble inclination of the goodness of his heart.  I agreed because of how close it would take us to the edge of the veil.  No scribe had yet ventured and returned with any information on this mysterious barrier surrounding Manath’s lands.  Rath had been specifically ordered to help with the refugees, so he remained in port while the rest of us headed southward.

Our pilot would only take us so far down the Blood Shoals and soon we had to deship and travel overland to the site of the battle.  We arrived at dusk and decided that traveling under cover of darkness was our safest option.  I do believe that we were mistaken.

Not far from the coast was a set of ruins that emitted an ominous green glow.  Despite my cautions, the party decided to search them for clues.  Predictably, it was not long before some creature ambushed us.  Somewhat to my surprise, some sort of incorporeal undead were the aggressors.  They apparently had reacted to Alder’s noble insignia.  The fight was short and intense, as I am finding many of them to be.  The wraith had wounded Alder’s very core in the fray and he would need restorative magic eventually.  Again, against my cautions, the group decided to press onward.

We had barely left the ruins when we were confronted by a Manath patrol.  Unable to think quickly enough, we triggered an attack.  After a few moments of battle, it became apparent this patrol’s leader was not a bronze elf, as I had assumed.  She was a medusa, whose gaze could turn to stone.  It wasn’t long after I realized this that her cold stare caught mine, and I was petrified.  The account from here is second hand, as I did not return to my senses until we had arrived back in Port Last.

Athelas, whose story I most trust, said that Holly was also rendered immobilized by the medusa’s stare.  However, the patrol and its monstrous leader were dispatched.  The three remaining adventurers pressed onward to the battle site where they were attacked by a kyton.  Her chains were fierce but alone she was no match for the three of them.  They were able to find the king’s horse and a chalice in one of the saddle bags.  I am sure that there is much more that happened during this time but Athelas is a man of few words.

Upon return to Port Last, my stony imprisonment was reversed, as was Holly’s.  For reasons I still do not fully understand, Athelas had Holly’s cat transformed into a dragon for the lesser part of an hour.  Also, while returning to our ship to sail back to Caliban, I was made to touch the chalice.  This rendered me unconscious and I saw a dim vision.  Of what, I cannot be sure.  The other claimed to receive messages from relatives and even divine beings.

After arrived in Caliban, we relayed the news to the queen.  We also divulged some information regarding the chalice.  It was said that if the King of Ehrenland were to place it in a temple of goodness, that his country would be blessed.  As Ehrenland currently has no one claiming the throne, Athelas requested - as Ehrenlanders do, that is - that the chalice be brought to Doomsbridge, its rightful home.  He offered any who would come as safe a haven as Ehrenland could offer.

Thousands of refugees took the offer, as did Queen Lysa and her remaining family.  I too chose to join them.  Ostensibly it was to aid the sick and to properly establish temples, but my true intent - when the work was done - was to see the world inside the closed borders and to meet the almost mythical Den, former king of Ehrenland.

I have been able to now do both.  I return to the temples soon to continue my tutelage under Del.  I have had little time or desire to do much else but learn from him.  There might be a reason that Ehren books are written on trees: what they have to say, when they say it, is often worth listening to.


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