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Rath’s Letters, Part I.

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Rath’s letters from the Grand Campaign

I’m not sure this letter will make it through the lines to you, but I owe you a fuller explanation of where I’ve been and what we’ve been doing since last I was in Tir Castellan.

Alder and I were traveling in Tantathia when we were caught in a blizzard.  We weathered the storm at Fort Rodez, and had to go out into the storm to rescue a stranded party of travelers.  It was well we did, for one of those in danger by the storm was the Aruthien Ambassador to Barloz.  We saved him from the icy storm and starving Dire Wolves - but we couldn’t save him from the summoned hellhounds of two assassins.

To my surprise, the assassins proved to be women - young, pretty women posing as barmaids.  They said their names were Tara and Isola, though naturally those names would be false.

It was too late to save the ambassador - and probably relationships between the Kingdoms - but we could chase down the murderers.  Or so we thought.  The assassins proved far more resourceful than we would’ve expected.

I found myself part of a group of companions.  You have heard of some of them no doubt - Alder of course.  A Spaarthan street rogue called Brenin.  A learned Mishyan scholar called Mauril.  Edelbrock, the prince of far-off Mastillan.  Athelas, an Ehrenlander who follows Athor the sungod.  Braden, a nimble fighter from Rothgorod or some far-off place, and Holly, a Flen from Woodsheart, and a skilled Wizard.  Together we set out after the killers, though we had no idea how far the journey would take us.

They fled north into the Tantathian March, paying local ruffians to kill us.  We dealt with them and harried them as far as Kylon, where the assassins purchased teleports to Queen’s Landing.  Scraping up our meager funds, we followed.

One of the assassins - Isola -  took ship from Queen’s Landing to Barloz, and we lost track of her.  We suspected them of using disguises to hide their true faces.  She could be anywhere now, looking like anyone.

Tara fled overland from Queen’s Landing, hiring mercenaries and riding out across the Toth Badlands.  We suspected she meant harm to Duke Vladir - as you know the Caspan Legion was at that time assigned to build a serviceable road between Queen’s Landing and Tir Castellan.  We arrived at the Duke’s Camp, but either he was not a target or the assassins could not get close to him.

We met the Duke and dined with him.  He remembered me of course, and seemed most pleased to meet Alder and Edelbrock.  I know our family is loyal to the King, and that Vladir is out of favor because of the Barlozian problem, but I liked him.  He seemed like a good man, not some cunning enemy of the crown.  Vladir gave us all the aid we could ask for and sent us along in our pursuit.

Abandoning the mercenaries, Tara went onward - turning north and taking shelter in the Vigabrock itself.  Outside, we were attacked by a band of strange warriors led by a fire sorceress - not anyone I could identify, even living my whole life on the frontier.  It was only much later we learned they were Jarls in service to the Redstone Spur, though what they were scouting for so far east I could not tell.

Not willing to abandon the quest for justice, we tracked Tara into the Vigabrock.  We entered the Stronghold clad as warriors, and passed beneath the very noses of the Frost Giants who rule that great fortress.  Finally our luck broke - Alder and the companions cornered the assassin and captured her - but Tara took poison and died before she could be stopped.

Now in possession of her corpse, Mauril and the other learned members of our party could see she was no human or elf of race of the Kingdoms - she was something else.  Something subtle and disguised - eventually, with much research, we were able to identify her as some minion of the Yuan-Ti, a mysterious snakefolk who dwell far to the southeast.  We can only suppose they were in the Kingdoms to create havoc and sow discord - but we cannot be sure.

From there we came to Tir Castellan - both to see you and to chase down the last lead Tara left us. We raided an innocuous shop in the south of the city - but the wizard we came to arrest and his greatsword-wielding bodyguard escaped us.  Still, we were able to alert the Kingdoms to the danger, and perhaps the machinations of these creatures will yet be exposed.

As you know we were at the Citadel when the Dragons attacked the city and the Jarl army laid siege.  The Redstone Spur may have Tir Castellan surrounded by I believe the city can be held - you and father didn’t build the city up from nothing to see it burned by a few Dragons, no matter how ancient they may be.  If there is any service I can provide our home, please call on me.

In my next letter I shall tell you of our adventures in Spaartha and beyond, and how it relates to combating the Redstone threat.

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