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Note: This post will make my Operating System preferences clear.  However, it is not a post about Operating Systems, and any comments relating to an OS war will be ignored and probably deleted.

“I just think 3.5 feels a lot more like UNIX You can do whatever you want.”  That’s what one of my players said to me.  That would be great, an gaming edition that lets you do practically whatever you want, writing scripts to let you perform any action, putting input in one end, and getting a phenomenal result on the other side.  Hundreds of small single-purpose pieces that let you pipe input and output however you need to.  You could have a wizard where you put components, casting time, and targets in one end of the equation, and get a a targeted mini-Fireball with each foe’s name on it out of the other side, telling you how much dice to use for each one so that it is balanced with your abilities and the other classes of the same level.  You could have a paladin script based around how the enemy responds to his Smite Evil. Read the rest of this entry »

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My Questions for 4th Ed Players

   Posted by: Avaril    in RPG

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m running my first 4e game soon.  I’m not 100% sold on it, just like I’m not 100% sold on 3.5.  But, I do have some serious questions I need to ask before I go forward.

  • How hard is it for a character to die in 4e?  To me, with all the checks and healing surges, it seems nearly impossible.  That seems to really rob the game of any sense of danger.
  • Do the limited number of ‘paths’ make it difficult to truly ‘customize’ a character?  (i.e. do all Fighters feel alike?)
  • Are the number of given options in combat overwhelming or freeing compared to 5th ed?  Do they eventually get tedious?
  • Do the healing surges, in practice, really mean that you’re never carrying around any damage?
  • Is there anything I should know about the learning curve?  Any beginner’s mistakes I need to look out for?

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Fears of 4e

   Posted by: Avaril    in RPG

This post over at Critical Hits really struck a chord with me.  Not because it reminded me of my group’s adoption of 3rd edition.  We actually had quite the opposite reaction.  For years, we had been playing 1st edition with some 2nd edition tacked on.  We only had two Player’s Handbooks, and most of our books were in rough shape.  Most of our materials were treated as carefully as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

When 3rd Edition hit, and we saw how good it was, we all bought a copy.  Finally, we had enough PHB’s for everyone.  It was joyous.  There was some initial resistance to 3.5, but after seeing the improvements it made, and the broken things it fixed (remember 3.0 Rangers, anyone?), we eBay’d our 3.0 books and upgraded.

Now, in a little over a month, I am going to try to run my group’s first 4e game.

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