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Fixing D20 Modern

   Posted by: Wolfgod    in RPG

OK, SO I”M *REALLY* unhappy with the firearms in D20 Modern.  One of our GM’s wants to run a game set in it.  He’s asked us to ‘fix’ the gun combat with as few changes as possible, while keeping the game somewhat heroic - so guns don’t need to be simulator realistic.

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Ideal RPG: The Crit System

   Posted by: Avaril    in RPG

Another idea that I have had for an Ideal RPG is a critical stystem.  Crits should hurt.  Yes, dealing massive amounts of damage does hurt, but in an abstracted HP system, the damage is just eventually healed anyway.  In my opinion, it was always more fun when we played a system where a crit meant something (i.e. Warhammer RPG or Mechwarrior).

Crits should have lasting effects in game, that aren’t easy to fix.  The critical could sever an artery, cost a player an eye or leg, or scar his face.  This may mean lasting repercussions to the character, or at least disadvantage until they could be properly healed (what if clerics couldn’t fix all damage immediately? That may be a topic for another post).

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