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We suspended the Grand Campaign for an evening to playtest Paizo’s new Advanced Player’s Guide classes.  An evening of chaos and mayhem followed.
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First experiences with Pathfinder (Levels 1-3)

   Posted by: Wolfgod    in Fantasy, Pathfinder, RPG

The Grand Campaign is being played with the new Pathfinder rules, along with 3.5 add-ons as desired.

Our gaming group isn’t nearly as optimized as most, so we’re likely not hitting the best possibly mathematical combination of skills, feats, and spells, but then again, we don’t care nearly as much about that as telling a good story.

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New Face to Dire Kraken

   Posted by: Mauril    in Fantasy, RPG

Before I begin to do any real posting, I feel that I should introduce myself.  I am new to the gaming group that Wolfgod and Avaril are active members in.  They asked me to join here to give something of an outsiders’ perspective on things.  Partially this is because I haven’t been with the group long enough to have been too changed by them, but I suspect it’s mostly because I am slightly insane and my thoughts just come from a different place than most people’s.

I am going to start running a campaign journal here, an in-character account of the Grand Campaign that Wolfgod discussed below. (Yes, it did actually get off the ground and is going swimmingly.)  I will also, from time to time, be commenting on the gaming system (Paizo’s Pathfinder) or the world that the game is taking place in.

I hope to be some combination of entertaining, informative and interesting.  I may also fail miserably at all three.  Cheers!

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